The Prendos team takes great pride working in the Wellington’s building and construction industry. Our Building Surveyors are involved in a number of interesting new developments around the CBD, and take particular interest in ensuring the city’s heritage buildings and apartments survive through earthquakes, the driving wind and rain synonymous with this part of the country. They have diagnosed and managed the remediation of hundreds of schools and colleges, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings and residential properties around the lower North Island. Our office is also home to one of the most well regarded and experienced commercial and residential valuers in Wellington, Max Meyers, and is supported by the full suite of Prendos services.

Specialist Services


Owners of defective leaky buildings often have difficulty obtaining information about what to do and where to go for advice. Prendos has compiled the following Leaky Building Resources to help familiarise owners with the nature and history of the problem, the central issues, the practical options and how to approach the task of remediation.


Our Project Managers establish strong management structures clearly defining responsibilities and clear lines of communication and reporting. We enjoy working with clients from project inception to assist them identify a clear brief for the project at hand and work with our clients to bring together the most suitable team to achieve their needs. From time to time we are also called upon in the middle of projects when things are going wrong to re-establish relationships and strengthen project control systems to reduce the effects of poor management and project delivery. Our team’s mix of skills and backgrounds brings a rounded view of construction: a perspective not necessarily provided by a single service company.


This is where we help landlords and tenants of offices, retail shops and other commercial buildings to get the property back to how it was as per the conditions of the lease agreement. Sometimes issues such as disrepair and breaches of the lease that occur during a tenancy can lead to costly disputes. To help manage this or to avoid it altogether, we prepare interim schedules detailing terms of disrepair requiring rectification within the duration of a tenancy or terminal schedules served at the end of a tenancy. The schedules produced are commonly known as dilapidations or reinstatement schedules. In conjunction with legal counsel we provide strategies for both landlords and tenants and assist with negotiations on behalf of both parties.


Our commercial and residential valuer, Max Meyers is very highly regarded in the Wellington property market. He uses the latest market information and our own database of over 200,000 completed valuations to create accurate and dependable reports which are accepted by all major New Zealand banks. To read Max’s latest market report, please click here.


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