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August 18, 2015

By Tom Greening – Building Surveyor

To shape the future, you must first imagine it. Since my arrival in Christchurch as a graduate building surveyor eighteen months ago, I have been surprised at the transformation that I have witnessed.

I arrived shortly after the city centre was re-opened and spent my first couple of weekends walking around in disbelief at the extent of the earthquake damage.

At that time, apart from the Re-Start Mall, not much was open and even on a Saturday afternoon the city felt like a ghost town. Since then however, more and more cranes have appeared throughout the city and slowly but surely new businesses, offices, bars and cafes are emerging. The progress has been great to see but there is still much to be done in the coming years. This is presenting property professionals practicing in New Zealand, and in particular Christchurch, with a unique opportunity.

Since the Canterbury earthquakes Christchurch and the surrounding suburbs have rapidly changed and created many challenges for property professionals in the area. In the past two years alone parts of the city have transformed and exciting times lie ahead as the rebuild continues. Young professionals within the Canterbury region have travelled from near and far to be involved in this transformation and are continuing to help shape the future of Christchurch. This current environment is providing an opportunity, to those willing and able, to accelerate the advancement of both their professional and career development.

Professional bodies, such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) are being strengthened by increased membership numbers. These increased numbers have resulted in the formation of the RICS South Island Committee. This committee is helping to raise the profile of the RICS Matrics and building surveying within the mainland. These professional bodies offer training seminars and events throughout the year which ensure that you remain up to date with the latest industry developments and have an excuse to catch up with your fellow professionals, as well as making certain that you meet the continuing professional development requirements.

While surveying may have a long history, roles are continuously changing to adapt to our changing environment. Support is available to allow younger surveyors to respond and prepare for these challenges to ensure that you are equipped to be successful. That support can be found through the RICS Matrics, which was created to look after the interests of members entering or not long in the profession of surveying. It believes in the ability to shape the future.

According to the RICS website “RICS Matrics is youthful, forward thinking, challenging, nurturing, vibrant, and enables its members to grow and feel like an integral part of the wider RICS. As such RICS Matrics is the lifeblood of the surveying profession.”

The RICS Matrics provides younger members of the RICS an opportunity to catch up and discuss the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC). The success of the Matrics is reliant on members getting involved and sharing their views. Not only are professional bodies such as RICS and NZIBS supported by employers nationwide but they provide a solid foundation for future professional growth and opportunities. The APC process will allow surveyors, and others within the property environment, to gain a better understanding of the professional and ethical standards expected within the industry.

The professional future of building surveying and the construction industry is reliant on youthful forward thinking. That forward thinking will ensure the lifeblood of the profession remains alive and the successful rebuilding of Christchurch continues in the years to come.

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