Ellys Lim Structural Engineer

Ellys Lim

Structural Engineer
BE (Civil)

As a teenager growing up in her hometown of Medan, Indonesia’s North Sumatra province, Ellys Lim was deeply affected by the disastrous impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami on the nearby territory of Aceh.

In the wake of the tragedy, Ellys decided she wanted to work as a seismic engineer to help minimise the loss of life due to earthquakes. Subsequently, throughout her civil engineering graduate course at Bandung Institute of Technology and her doctoral studies at the University of Auckland, she has kept her focus on this goal.

During her undergraduate study and following her graduation in Indonesia, Ellys gained significant practical experience. Her experience includes a broad range of structural steel and concrete building elements employed in large-scale facilities, including shopping centres, hotels, places of worship, a refinery plant, a convention hall and a student recreation centre.

In her doctoral studies at Auckland University, Ellys investigated the interaction between primary structure and nonstructural components, multi-axial near-source ground motions and soil effects, an area of research that is highly relevant for improvement of seismic design in New Zealand and elsewhere.

In her work with Prendos, Ellys has provided detailed seismic assessments of various civic facilities and building complexes around the country.

New Zealand is emphasising seismic upgrading of existing buildings and is currently focusing on international best practice and improved technologies. As a result, this is fertile grounds for Ellys’s expert knowledge and applied skills to enable her to accomplish her professional goals. In doing so, this benefits communities by minimising the risk associated with living and working in earthquake-prone zones.


2013-           Undertaking Doctoral studies in Civil Engineering – University of Auckland
2012            Bachelor of Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

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