Recovering Costs from Disputes

Richard Maiden

Richard Maiden, Director, Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Arbitrator, briefly talks about recovering costs from disputes.

  • There are various ways of recovering money under any dispute in New Zealand.
  • If the disputes are less than $15,000 the better process would be to go to a disputes tribunal, lodge a claim and be heard at the tribunal, legal representation is not permitted at the disputes tribunal.
  • Legal support and adjudication costs are also not claimable except under special circumstances i.e. acting in bad faith or claims made without merit.
  • As the next step up from a disputes tribunal for settling construction contract disputes, adjudication is recommended.
  • You can also lodge a claim at district court or if the claim exceeds $200,000, at the high court. In those cases, timing of resolution takes much longer and there is a reliance on legal expertise to present the case.
  • Lastly, mediation is often the best way to go. Prendos does not offer mediation; however we do offer expert evidence and expert advice to clients who are engaged in any litigation process.

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