Longevity & Experience

Our team of Registered Valuers have been working in the greater Auckland and Wellington, Tauranga and Christchurch markets for more than 30 years and in that time have provided over 200,000 independent, researched opinions of market value for land and buildings.

Accuracy & Reliability

Prendos have access to the most recent sales information, can search our own sales and rental database and are able to utilise an invaluable resource of existing valuation reports. This information, combined with the knowledge our Valuers enjoy from constant inspections and keeping abreast of values in a changing market, makes Prendos a first choice for accurate property valuations, provided in a timely manner.

Credibility & Trust

Prendos are well respected and all major banks and lenders are pleased to rely on our valuation reports and Prendos are on a number of banking institution panels as well as the panel for PIQ. A large number of legal firms also rely on Prendos for their Nominee Funding Valuation requirements.

The Prendos Valuation team offers a full spectrum of services covering:

The Prendos Valuation Service includes:

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