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Mark Helas identifies some of the characteristics that keep Prendos Project Management on track.  The Prendos Project Management team recognises early in the project cycle the importance of relationship building, listening skills and communication.

“Great project managers care about communication and the opinions of all parties involved.  It is important to communicate clearly and concisely and to be sufficiently self-aware to know how information is received by stakeholders.”

Mark on partnership relationships:

“We are committed to establishing and maintaining lasting partnerships with our clients; partnerships that enable us to identify and understand the requirements of specific clients and match those requirements with superior solutions.”

How our project management team is set apart from the rest:

“It is the Prendos blend of personnel skills and business philosophies that set our project management team aside from others working within this sector.  We are dynamic, innovative and performance focused.  Our project managers have many years’ collective experience and managed large complex projects.”

Coming to work in the morning:

Project Management is an exciting challenge that makes me look forward to what the day has in store.”

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