Project Management Update

December 7, 2014

Our project management team have now been in place for over a year, early projects have been completed, others are coming to the end of the construction phase and more are starting. We are becoming involved in a wider range of commissions as we grow our client base and as our current client confidence is proven to be justified.

Since the last newsletter Prendos has secured its first project management commission in Christchurch. The project relates to an earthquake damaged building that had repair works started by an insurance company engaged contractor, but which the client wished to re-gain control of. Our input to date has been to understand and develop the past relationships between the parties, review the scope of works required and re-establish the issues to address. This enables a disjointed project to be turned around into one with a sound contractual basis on which to move forward. The likely value of repair works are in excess of $3m and work will re-commence on site January 2015.

Getting Wayward Projects Back on Track
The Christchurch project is not the first that the Prendos project management team have been asked to take over part way through. The Auckland office is now working on its third new-build education project where the projects had progressed to a certain stage and for various reasons a new project manager was sought to see the project through to delivery. The projects are in various stages from design to completion and two out of three are located in South Auckland.

The key aspect to the successful delivery of these projects is in understanding the issues that caused them to stall, addressing these with the client and project team members to break out of any circular issues, and create by-in to getting the project moving in a positive direction.

Housing Property Upgrade Programme
A new and interesting project that we commenced in May this year has our team working with a Maori Trust on the first stage of housing property upgrade programme. The project evolved out of condition surveys undertaken by our building surveying team at the start of 2014. The surveys raised issues that the client wished to resolve and at the same time they wanted to improve the wider context of their leased housing stock as the leases expired. The internal upgrade works on the first phase of the project encompassing 23 homes is due to be completed by Christmas.

Our structural engineering team have pitched in to supply surveying resources and plans for each property as an on-going asset record for the client, as well as to determine any structural improvements required to ensure all properties meet at least 67% of New Building Standard, whether required or not under the Building Code. Phase two of this project will include addressing additional external associated works and minor structural improvement programmes and will follow as required in the New Year.

This project has required Prendos to work closely with staff serving the Trust, the existing lessee and residents to minimise disruption, ensure a constant flow of work for the builders and to curtail the time the properties remain vacant. As a team we welcome the challenges raised in liaising with multiple parties and keeping project momentum at an optimal level, whilst ensuring the homes, when handed over, more than satisfy the clients’ requirements.

The projects detailed are a sample of those we are undertaking presently, and are indicative of our ability to provide project management services across a broad range of sectors including education, commercial, body corporate, residential, health and community.

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