Prendos – A Success Story

December 9, 2014

By Greg O’Sullivan – Founding Director

Over the past twenty six years Prendos has grown from two employees to now sit at over 130 people nationwide, and our growth curve doesn’t appear to be slowing.

April 1988 saw the birth of a future New Zealand business success – Prendos. Starting out as a fledgling building consultancy and valuation practice, it rapidly grew to being one of the major suppliers of residential valuations to the national banks in the Auckland region. In this period most bank branches had just started to use fax machines, cell phones were still “bricks” and DOS was the dominant operating system for computers. However, it was also a time where technology was entering a rapid growth stage. Fortunately Prendos, from the outset, adopted changing technology as part of its innovation to help improve service and efficiency.

From the beginning the company has used the fundamentals of innovation, quality and service to succeed. This was the hallmark of the early years of its existence. As a result it grew. To handle this Registered Valuer Gordon Edginton and Registered Building Surveyor Philip O’Sullivan were brought in as Directors to ensure innovation, quality and service were provided at all times. The then resultant growth of Prendos in the valuation and building science and technology areas was apparent. Our ability to adapt to change and never relinquish quality or service became essential during the Leaky Building crisis.

By the time the “Hunn Report” emerged, Prendos was acknowledged as a leader in the field of building surveying in New Zealand. Since then it has continued to grow by establishing offices in Wellington, Tauranga, Rotorua, Christchurch and Dunedin. Along with the spread across New Zealand, Prendos also grew in other ways. This new growth change started in the early 2000’s as our quantity surveying and dispute resolution team progressed under new Director Richard Maiden. As time progressed and the company kept growing so did the Director’s role and numbers steadily increased. Architects with design tech support, structural and fire engineers became part of a broad based consultancy.

Prendos now has nine Directors and offers a large range of property and construction related advice, design and assistance on a national basis. We are growing in the areas of commercial, industrial, government, council, education, health, historic, residential, body corporate and rural sectors. As one of the two originals, it is great to have been a part of this story of achievement and growth. Sometimes I stop and look back on the start, the old and emerging technology and the massive change into the prese
nt technological age, and wonder if I had approached it differently would Prendos have been as successful?

The answer is when you start by adopting innovation and ensuring quality and service, growth and success are always going to be the result.

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