Our quantity surveying team works with clients to plan and manage costs, control risks and ensure they get the very best return on their investment.

What makes Prendos quantity surveyors unique is their ability to draw on the expertise of in-house professionals across a range of areas – from project management to structural and fire engineering. This not only gives clients confidence, but allows the team to offer thorough advice on project feasibility while looking after client interests.

Our surveyors also have project and consulting experience. They’re aware of the possible pitfalls of project work and know what to do when things go wrong, confidently guiding clients through the legal processes.

At Prendos there is no project too big or small and a solution for every client.

Specialist Services

  • High level and pre-tender estimating and feasibility studies
  • Contractual advice, payment valuations, cash flow predictions and financial statements
  • Negotiations and Building Contracts
  • Post Contract Cost Control
  • Procurement and Partnering Advice
  • Value Management and Engineering
  • Building Reinstatement Valuations
  • Insurance Rebuild and Repair Estimates

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