It’s nearly been six years since the Unit Titles Act 2010 came into force in New Zealand. With the introduction of the Unit Titles Act 2010, it became mandatory for every unit title development in New Zealand to have a written Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP) regardless of the size of the development. Your body corporate long-term maintenance plan must be renewed at least every three years. With each renewal the plan must cover a period of at least 10 years.

What should be in a Long Term Maintenance Plan?

The contents of a LTMP should include each building element that would be normally subject to maintenance during the life of the building and generally under the following headings:

  • The common property (e.g. common landings/lobbies, entrance foyers, grounds, pools).
  • The building elements (e.g. roof, cladding, joinery).
  • The infrastructure (e.g. plumbing, electrical, ventilation, emergency equipment, security etc.).

An important caveat to the above however is that the body corporate can opt out of maintaining any particular items that they choose by AGM/EGM but these items will need to be identified in the plan. Each of the building elements recorded on site (preferably by an experienced chartered or registered building surveyor), are assessed for typical life cycle based on the current condition/maintenance regime and other on-site data (exposure, location, material used etc) and added to an inventory. This inventory then forms the basis for calculating the LTMP. It is also important to note that long term maintenance plans do not include maintenance items that are required on a more regular (once a year or greater) basis such as window wash etc. These are specifically excluded from this legislation.

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Summer 2017


Long Term Maintenance Plan for a Historic Building
When good roofs go bad…

Prendos was engaged to provide a LTMP for a body corporate of a prominent historic building on Wellington’s waterfront. The building is listed with heritage New Zealand and has been converted into apartments.

Having reviewed the building and building elements, it became obvious that although the buildings façade had been well maintained, the key issue was that the current roof condition and configuration was problematic and life expired.

The body corporate had gone about a regime of reactive repairs on the roof to address leaks that had been occurring over the years.

Following discussion with the body corporate, it was agreed that the LTMP allowed for not only the estimated cost for replacement of the failed roof coverings but also for the simplification of the roof and replacement with a more durable material, thereby extending the life of the replacement roof further.

This decision making in producing the LTMP was welcomed by the body corporate and has greatly assisted with their future project planning.

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