Nautilus Apartments Remediation

March 20, 2018

Showcase: Remediation of the 12 storey Nautilus Apartments in Auckland’s Orewa.

The Nautilus Apartments were constructed between 2002-04 and Prendos has been assisting the owners to uncover inherent defects since 2009.

To date our investigations and specialist advice have resulted in (at the time) the largest leaky building pay out to be awarded in New Zealand to assist the 150 owners with the financial burden of owning and repairing the 12-level apartment building.

Prendos has since carried out the detailed design and consenting for the remediation of the units, and are now acting as Project Managers and Lead Designers with the construction work currently underway.

The work involves replacing the defective cladding with a state of the art system specifically designed for the project and tested to NZS4284 in a test booth. All joinery will be replaced with new double glazing, along with full replacement of all deck membranes, tiles and balustrade and re-roofing.

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