Integrated Project Management


Mark Williams, Director and Registered Building Surveyor, briefly explains the benefits of an Integrated Project Management Services offering from Prendos.

At Prendos, Project Managers do needs assessment with clients, recommend relevant services, and in addition to Pure Project Management, we also offer an integrated approach as a 1-Stop Shop.

Our Project Managers are ideally positioned because we provide our clients the option to work with our own internal consultants. This is the difference between Integrated Project Management and Pure Project Management.

Within Prendos New Zealand we have our own:

Structural Engineers
Fire Engineers
Quantity Surveyors
Building Surveyors

By working in-house we save our clients the money normally spent on external service procurement costs.

By coordinating projects in-house we provide services faster and more directly for our clients. Prendos adds value to client’s projects by delivering quality projects, on or under budget and in a time frame that can’t be matched by other outsourced Project Managers.


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